2 Hour Asbestos Awareness Class

The 2 Hour Asbestos Awareness Class is for maintenance and custodial staff involved in cleaning and minor maintenance tasks where ACM may be accidentally disturbed and or cleaning activities where asbestos is present.

Complies with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) 

29 CFR § 1910.1001(j)(7) (PDF) 

According to the EPA regulations governing schools, all school staff custodial workers who conduct cleaning activities that may result in the disturbance of asbestos-containing building material (ACBM) must receive 2 hours of Awareness Training.

Complies with EPA 40 CFR part 763 AHERA Appendix C to Subpart E

EPA AHERA Requirements (PDF) 

Some states and municipalities may also have specific training requirements for workers who could be exposed to asbestos, or who work in a building with ACM present.

Included Topics

Background Information on Asbestos

Health Effects of Asbestos

Worker Protection Programs

Recognition of ACM damage and deterioration

The O&M program for a school building

Locations of ACM in the building

Please Note: Your state has detailed education, experience and application processing requirements to qualify for licensing in the Asbestos field. Most states administer their own asbestos programs, and each state’s Department of Environmental Protection/Health is generally the best place to start with questions about requirements and training. Students are responsible to verify these requirements prior to registering for a course.

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