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This Asbestos Management Planner training course accredits individuals who are already certified inspectors to develop asbestos Management Plans (MP) for buildings.  Currently, the EPA only requires management plans for buildings owned and operated by public schools to comply with the AHERA requirements as well as ASHARA.  Many states have additional requirements that govern the Management Planner and his/her duties.

The management planner course shall include lectures, demonstration, and course review

Training for asbestos professionals is required under the Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act of 1986 (AHERA), which is the authority under which EPA issued the EPA Asbestos Model Accreditation Plan. This course has been granted approval by the EPA and various States to meet AHERA and ASHARA accreditation requirements for asbestos work in K-12 schools, as well as in public and commercial buildings.  In addition this class has been granted full approval by the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS).

EPA and OSHA require that all building materials be assumed or presumed to contain asbestos unless tested negative.  Certain exclusions to the rule apply and the trained inspector will know the difference after having taken this class.

An Asbestos Management Planner must possess current and valid Inspector and Management Planner certificates and have a copy of their certificates with them at all times when inspecting.   This class prepares you to immediately apply your knowledge to the field, with extensive hands-on training from experienced instructors.  It combines lectures, discussions, and hands-on demonstrations.

In the state of Texas as in many states the Inspector/Management Planner must also possess a current valid license to perform Management Planning services and activities.


The prospective student must have at least a High School diploma or equivalency diploma from a state run adult education program.  In addition the prospective student must have successfully completed the Asbestos Building Inspector training class.  Some states may require additional education.

Duration & Exam

The class is 16 hours and is covered over 2 consecutive days. Written examination consisting of 50 multiple choice questions. Successful completion of the course shall be demonstrated by achieving a score of at least 70% correct on the written examination.


As with all of the asbestos classes the certificate is valid for 365 days.  Once the certificate expires then the inspector must successfully attend a 4 hour refresher.

Included Topics

Evaluation and interpretation of Survey Results

Hazard Assessments of Asbestos Containing Building Materials (ACBM)

Legal Implications and Regulatory Review

Evaluation and Selection of Control Options

Role of other Professionals

Developing an Operations and Maintenance (O&M) plan

Recordkeeping for the Management Planner

Assembling and Submitting of a Management Plan

Financing Abatement Actions and Budgetary Concerns

Physical Assessment of Friable and Non-Friable ACBM

Respirator use, Maintenance, and Personal Protective Equipment

State Requirements and Legal Liabilities

Bulk Sampling Documentation and Recordkeeping

Final Report Design

Field trip, to include a building walk-through inspection at a suitable location outside of the classroom.

*Denotes Hands – On Activities

Please Note: Your state has detailed education, experience and application processing requirements to qualify for licensing in the Asbestos field. Most states administer their own asbestos programs, and each state’s Department of Environmental Protection/Health is generally the best place to start with questions about requirements and training. Students are responsible to verify these requirements prior to registering for a course.

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