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This Asbestos Project Designer training course is for any individual who develop written design specification for the abatement of asbestos containing building materials in buildings and or cleanup of contaminated sites and O&M projects.

The designer is responsible for performing multiple duties for abatement projects. In short the designer must know all of the jobs on the project and put all of the requirements for any given scenario in a written instruction manual for all to follow in the abatement of the asbestos containing materials. The designer must take into consideration all of the requirements; Cities, Counties, State, OSHA, and EPA. Any requirements by unions that are on site as well as the wishes and needs of the building owner. The duties of the OSHA competent person for the asbestos project. Also, to include timely notifications required and schedules that must be met by any; and all of the special considerations of all the parties participating directly or indirectly in the project.

Training for asbestos abatement professionals is required under the Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act of 1986 (AHERA), which is the authority under which EPA issued the EPA Asbestos Model Accreditation Plan. This course has been granted full approval by the EPA and various States to meet AHERA and ASHARA accreditation requirements for asbestos work in K-12 schools, as well as in public and commercial buildings. In addition this class has been granted full approval by the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS).

A Project Designer must have completed this training, and have a valid certificate with them at all times while working and/or supervising on asbestos abatement projects.
This class also is your first step in becoming a licensed asbestos abatement Project Designer at the Federal level additional training and requirements my apply in your state. In Texas this and other training can qualify you to be an Individual Consultant.


The prospective student must have at least a High School diploma or equivalency diploma from a state run adult education program. The EPA recommends a 4 year degree in a science related field. Some states have additional education requirements.


The class is 24 hours and is covered over 3 consecutive days.


As with all of the asbestos classes the certificate is valid for 365 days. Once the certificate expires then the individual that holds the certificate must successfully attend an 8 hour refresher.

Included Topics

Asbestos Background Information

Health Effects of Exposure

Overview of abatement Construction Projects

Safety system design specifications

Employee Personal Protective Equipment

Additional Safety Hazards

Fiber Aerodynamics and Control

Pressure Differential and Dynamic Air Flow

Measuring Pressure Differential and Manometer Operations*

Designing Abatement Solutions and Written Project Design

State-of-the-Art Work Practices*

Budgeting/Cost Estimation

Writing Abatement Specifications

Preparing abatement drawings

Contract Preparation and Administration


Replacement Materials and Encapsulant Compatibility

Role of other Consultants

Occupied Buildings and Abatement

How to Accomplish a Complete Visual Inspection

Relevant Federal, Texas, and Local Regulatory Requirements

Abatement Notifications Federal and State


Respiratory Protection Program*

Medical Monitoring

Insurance and Liability Considerations

Supervisory Techniques

Additional Safety Hazards

Air Monitoring

Pre and Post Work Activities and Safety Considerations*

Contract Specifications

Course Review

*Denotes Hands – On Activities

Please Note: Your state has detailed education, experience and application processing requirements to qualify for licensing in the Asbestos field. Most states administer their own asbestos programs, and each state’s Department of Environmental Protection/Health is generally the best place to start with questions about requirements and training. Students are responsible to verify these requirements prior to registering for a course.

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