Air Monitoring Technician

This Air Monitoring Technician training course is for any individual who wants to be an air monitoring technician on asbestos abatement projects.  Persons seeking to be certified as air monitoring technicians shall successfully complete an approved three-day training course as described. The air-monitoring technician course shall include lectures, demonstrations, hands-on individual respirator fit testing, course review.

The training for air monitoring technician is a Texas based requirement the course has been developed for the Department of State Health Services (DSHS) and is meant only to comply with the DSHS requirement for air monitoring on abatement projects.  The successful student will be qualified to collect all PCM and TEM samples for building owners and abatement personnel monitoring in the state of Texas.  Analysis of PCM samples requires additional training and is not part of the scope of this class.

This class has been granted full approval by the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS).

A Air Monitoring Technician AMT must have completed this training, and have a valid certificate with them at all times while collecting air samples for an asbestos abatement projects.


The prospective student must have at least a High School diploma or equivalency diploma from a state run adult education program.  The EPA recommends a 4 year degree in a science related field.  Some states have additional education requirements.

Duration & Exam

The class is 24 hours and is covered over 3 consecutive days.
Written examination consisting of 50 multiple choice questions. Successful completion of the course shall be demonstrated by achieving a score of at least 70% correct on the examination.


As with all of the asbestos classes the certificate is valid for 365 days.  Once the certificate expires then the individual that holds the certificate must successfully attend an 8 hour refresher.

Included Topics

Asbestos Regulations (State and Federal)

Health Effects of Asbestos

Asbestos Sampling and Evaluation Methods

Calculating Sampling Times

Time Weighted Average Calculation

Calibration of Air Sample Pumps

Sample Logs and Records

Compliance Testing

Clearance Testing

Clearance Procedures

IMPORTANT: You are required to bring your most current training certificate with you to the refresher course!  Students who obtained their last training by IET do not need to bring the last certificate to the class.

Please Note: Your state has detailed education, experience and application processing requirements to qualify for licensing in the Asbestos field. Most states administer their own asbestos programs, and each state’s Department of Environmental Protection/Health is generally the best place to start with questions about requirements and training. Students are responsible to verify these requirements prior to registering for a course.  IET is accredited by the EPA and maintains a license in the state of Texas for all the classes offered.

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