Asbestos Worker

This Asbestos Worker training course is for any individual who perform removal or repair of asbestos on asbestos abatement projects and/or asbestos O&M projects. All asbestos removal activities must be supervised by a certified asbestos Contractor/Supervisor.

Asbestos abatement worker training. The worker training course shall consist of at least four (4) days of training. The worker training course shall include lectures, demonstrations, hands-on training including individual respirator fit testing, course review, and a written test.

Training for asbestos abatement workers is required under the Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act of 1986 (AHERA), which is the authority under which EPA issued the EPA Asbestos Model Accreditation Plan. This course has been granted full approval by the EPA and various States to meet AHERA and ASHARA accreditation requirements for asbestos work in K-12 schools, as well as in public and commercial buildings.  In addition this class has been granted full approval by the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS).

An Asbestos abatement worker must have completed this training, and have a valid certificate with them at all times while working on abatement projects.

Persons seeking worker registration or accreditation as asbestos abatement workers shall successfully complete the approved 32 hour initial training training course.  Successful completion of the contractor/supervisor training course shall also be acceptable as qualification for asbestos worker.  This class also is your first step in becoming a registered abatement worker in Texas.


The individual must pass an asbestos physical administered by a legal practicing physician.

Duration & Exam

The class is 32 hours and is covered over 4 consecutive days.
Written examination consisting of 50 multiple-choice questions. Successful completion of the course shall be demonstrated by achieving a score of at least 70% correct on the written examination.


As with all of the asbestos classes the certificate is valid for 365 days. Once the certificate expires then the individual that holds the certificate must successfully attend an 8 hour refresher.

The training combines lectures, discussions, and hands-on demonstrations by certified and licensed professional currently working in the abatement industry. The course covers many topics and hands on instruction.

Included Topics

Physical Characteristics of Asbestos and ACBM

Potential Health Effects Related to Asbestos Exposure

Employee Personal Protective Equipment

State-of-the-Art Work Practices*

Worker Personal Hygiene *

Medical Monitoring

Air Monitoring

Additional Safety Hazards

Relevant Federal, State, and local Regulatory Requirements

Establishment of Respiratory Protective Programs and Medical Survellance Programs

14Hr Training*

  • Work Area Preparation
  • Decontamination Chamber
  • Construction
  • Cleaning

Disposal, Respirator Fit Testing & Maintenance

Course Review And Manual *

*Denotes Hands – On Activities

Please Note: Your state has detailed education, experience and application processing requirements to qualify for licensing in the Asbestos field. Most states administer their own asbestos programs, and each state’s Department of Environmental Protection/Health is generally the best place to start with questions about requirements and training. Students are responsible to verify these requirements prior to registering for a course.

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