Denny Walker

Denny Walker is the President of North American Analytical Labs and the Institute of Environmental Training. Mr. Walker has owned an operated both businesses since 1988. He designs all project specifications and is currently the consultant on record with the state of Texas for NAAL, Inc. and the Director of Training for the Institute of Environmental Training, Inc. IET, Inc. obtained accreditation from the EPA in 1988 and was licensed by the Texas Department of Health in 1992. Mr Walker teaches asbestos courses, training the Department of Defense, State of Texas, numerous school districts, and several private entities.

Denny Walker’s Certifications:

  • 1988-Present      NIOSH 582 Training for PCM Microscopy
  • 1988-Present     Optical Mineralogy
  • 1988-Present     Asbestos Contractor/Supervisor Course
  • 1988-Present     Asbestos Air Monitoring Technician
  • 1989-Present     Asbestos Abatement Management Planner Course
  • 1990-Present     Asbestos Project Designer
  • 1991-Present     Asbestos Inspector
  • 1998-Present     Lead Based Paint RRP Training
  • 2008-Present    Phase I & II ASTM: Environmental Site Assessments for Commercial Buildings